The Upper Cormorant Lake Association annual meeting was called to order by Mark Hanson,
President, on Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 2 p.m. at the Cormorant Town Hall, Cormorant, Minnesota.


Secretary’s report: The 2018 minutes were approved. Motioned, seconded.
Treasurer’s report: Was discussed. Approved.

Property Assessment:  President Hanson went over the property taxation through the Watershed
district. Noting that they have helped us financially as well. The assessment covers the Curly Leaf
treatment/surveying and bog removal.

Curly Leaf Pondweed Update: President Hanson gave a report on the Curly Leaf. President
Hanson reviewed/read the letter sent out to the property owners with regards to Curly Leaf
treatment in 2019.
Statistics and data look good. A survey was done and only 2.8 acres were discovered. A map was
handed out which showed the location the weed was found. A concentrated area was treated this
past week (located around the NE corner of the NW big bay.  

Water Sampling:  John Foldesi and Steve Hedlund are doing the Secci Disk. President Hanson
thanked both of them for their work. President Hanson went over the statistics from 2009 when
clarity was at 9.5’ through the present year where it has been read at 15.5’ and 17’. It was noted that
the clarity decreased as the summer progresses.

July 4th Parade:  10 a.m. on July 4th. Meet north of the island.
July 5th Fireworks:  Mike Staber noted that they will be doing the fireworks on the evening of Friday,
July 5, 2019. Jim Nichol made motion to donate $2000 to Stabers to help with the cost. Bob
Sweeney, seconded. Passed.

Lake Directory: Val DeJong discussed the directory. Asked everyone to inform her of changes if they
know of any. An update will be sent out this summer. President Hanson thanked Val and Tim for
their work with regards to the directory.

Beach Captains:  Beach captains will remain the same for the following year.
Election of Officers:  Mike Staber made motion to keep the current slate, Dave Johnson seconded.
Motion carried.

Minnesota Lakes and River Advocated: They are hosting a conference June 17-8 at casino in

BOGS:  President Hanson went over the current plan for the three bogs currently traversing the lake.
The plan, as of now, is to move them into the channel bay (Nelson access area). They will be
staked there and plans are to remove them later this year.

Cormorant Township:  Recycle day is June 14, 2-6 p.m., at tahe Town Hall. Can see more
information at their website.  Pickleball court is done.

Mike Staber made motion to adjourn meeting. Seconded. Adjourned.
2019 Secretary's Report